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Holoport delivery

When holoports will be delivered? I booked for a nano, but still waiting to get one, also not getting any updates from the team. When it will launch? Is there any issue for holo to be run in full fledged this year 2021 or it will take another year?

Hey @premjeet

All of the HoloPorts and HoloPort+s that have confirmed their addresses have shipped.
We hope you have seen some of our recent Nano updates or longer blog posts on our latest progress. We also wanted to share some exciting news as we approach our latest milestone.

Over the next few days we’ll be kicking off testing Elemental Chat, our proof-of-concept app with HoloPorts. The very next (and even bigger) milestone following that will be testing hosted Elemental Chat in a browser. For that test we’re excited to invite all the Nano hosts to the very first group of testers.

If you want to jump on the Holo Forum (invite only) please ping @lucas.tauil here with your Nano order email. He’ll set you up.

We’re very close to shipping Nanos, too! We have finalized solutions for the software challenges we experienced in the past with the Banana Pi M64 boards. The latest tests showed them quickly auto-updating to the latest HoloPort Operating System. Final QA and hardware testing is the last step before we commence with assembly, packaging, and shipping. In December there was a significant M64 processor supply issue with our supplier and we haven’t been able to get the correct model for these final test units–in part because of consumer electronic shortages given the extreme demand related to Covid. We should receive those boards shortly after the Lunar New Year in China.

For the longer term checkout some of the recent Holo Today longer blog posts. Those go deeeep into the details.

Hope this helps. And big, big thanks for all of your long term support.


So, not yet. You haven’t shipped any nanos to supporters! it’s ok. I am still waiting to get one.

Hello, you speak Spanish?. I am from Argentina and I want to buy and install a Holoport in my office !!. It’s possible?

Hey @cristianfalcone, not at the moment. We will hopefully have more available soon. Please signup at store.holo.host (click through to order) or send a message to Mark at [email protected], letting him know you would like to be added to the list.