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HoloPass - Lisbon Hackaton 2020

Welcome to the HoloPass project for lisbon hackaton.
This project is about distributed password management.

github: https://github.com/ronin-of-beyonder/holopass


updated github link: https://github.com/ronin-of-beyonder/holomasterpass

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The MPW js lib helper

This baby keeps growing @uwenohg :wink:


Great, I saw it only now… Yay!

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seemed to me It’s a beautiful solution, It will make it very simple and functional. Are you in communication about getting it into Holoscape @tats_sato?

hi @ViktorZaunders!! Yes! We are working on it still with a goal of one day getting it into holoscape! :smiley:

Awesome @tats_sato ! Let me know if there is something I can do to help, are you interested in opening it up as a learning project for people coming on board?

Yes, @ViktorZaunders totally onboard with that! Im pretty should the team would love it to!

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