Holonixification for dummies

This is probably a problem specifically for @thedavidmeister, but I’m wondering if the nix-shell https://holochain.love step could be replaced with a command which holonixifies the repo. Running this hypothetical command again would update the repo to the latest holonix environment.

You still get continuous integration but you choose when to upgrade.

I think this would make life much easier for intermediate-level use of holonix, making it simple to pull the latest configuration and then tweak it from there.

I’ve currently got holonix.github.ref set to develop but this caching thing where you fiddle with the sha256 hash is annoying

yeah of course it could, that wouldn’t be very difficult, actually it probably can be done right now with hc if you point it at a sensible template repo…

@marcus pretty sure the sha256 is optional, but then there might be some other internal cache :thinking: