HoloNET & HoloUnity (.NET & Unity Holochain Clients)

HoloNET is a .NET client that connects to Holochain. It is used as the basis of HoloUnity allowing you to connect Unity to Holochain.

These have been gifted forward to the wonderful holochain community in the hope it will help attract devs/resources to this vital project for humanity.

For full technical documentation, API Ref, code samples, etc please check out the GitHub page below:

We feel this will help turbocharge the holochain ecosystem we are all trying to build by opening it up to the massive .NET & Unity ecosystems! :slight_smile:

This topic is for any questions, feedback, feature requests etc relating to HoloNET & HoloUnity. Plus it’s a place to share any projects that are or plan to use them… :slight_smile:

Thanks Peeps.

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Hi David,
HoloNET is very promising.
I suggest that you put the code into it’s own repo.
Also, have you thought about creating a nuget package ?
Thanks !


Yes I was thinking of doing both of them thanks… :slight_smile:

As well as creating a Asset/Package for Unity…

All on the roadmap for sure… :slight_smile:

I wanted all the code in one place in the same solution was trying to work out a way of have the solution refer to more than one repo? One solution I was looking into was to create a submodule linking to the main repo, this seemed the best way to go?

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HoloNET has now been upgraded to work with the latest version of HC (50) and now supports callbacks for the Holochain Conductor Debug info as well as Signals.

Lot’s more to come…

Nuget package is next…

Stay tuned for more updates soon… :slight_smile:

Out of interest has anyone made use of this yet? Would love to hear any feedback… thanks. :slight_smile:

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I am working on ideas to use HC in code, potentially Unity and/or .NET. Will be using soon. Would greatly appreciate a unity asset/nuget.


Thank you, yes this is coming soon and so much more… right now the focus is on getting the STAR HDK/ODK MVP finished ASAP, it is very close now and will help speed up hApp development (is a low code generator) as well as bridge to everything else (including bloclchains).

Stay up to date here:

We are also launching OLAND NFT’s and soon OUNITY token ICO… :slight_smile:

Lot’s more exciting news coming soon…

Did you ever get that .net package working? I’m looking to do some holochain c# dev!

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No not yet, I am still waiting for some support on how to resolve the MessagePack errors I am getting from the new RSM Conductor. HoloNET works fine against the old Redux version but need help getting it working with the new RSM version…

See here:

How many people plan to do .NET Holochain dev now? I am hoping if we can generate enough demand we can attract more help to get this working… thanks… :slight_smile: :heart:

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I am one of the people who wants to work with .NET and HC. Unfortunately I don’t have enough coding experience to help out. Learning .NET fast though as I learn Xamarin. When .Net 6 comes out, it seems to me that it will be the best to work on an app that you can deploy on multiple types of devices with basically one code.

Thanks a lot David for HoloNet, looking forward to it. I am sure many people appreciate it. It will certainly contribute greatly to the adoption of HC as well.

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I’ve done a bit of odd .net coding for unity myself. I’m no expert but I could try to see if I could help move the project along somehow!
I’m very eager to get holochain dev started for an existing xaemin c# app I have.

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Great thank you guys, so that is at least 2 who see the value in this, I have been trying to get support since 2019 for this but sadly none of the hc community or hc themselves seem to see the massive impact and value it will have… I don’t think they understand how MASSIVE the .NET, Unity and Enterprise sectors are and how it would open the doors to these massive ecosystems for hc… maybe something to do with Microsoft? Who knows… but are they aware it is now Open Source and part of the .NET Foundation so Microsoft do not have control over it anymore?

Maybe we should start a petition and if we get enough to sign it might finally get them to re-priortise support for this? I am currently building the .NET HDK but currently this will be built against the old Redux version because that is the last windows binary we got… so we need two things ASAP:

  1. Support to resolve the MessagePack errors with the new RSM Conductor for HoloNET.

  2. A working Windows binary for the latest RSM version of Holochain.

Once we have these we can finally finish HoloNET and .NET HDK and open the doors to the rest of the world and get Holochain out there FINALLY! :wink:

Much love, blessings & hope,


Yea I came to holo after reading though over 3 dozen other chain docs, and there’s no major “Video game” chain really pulling ahead yet, but many are trying. Holo with no fees and dapp centric networks that users could take control of is a great base, but it’d need libraries for game devs to use like this yea.

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Exactly so we need to get others to understand this somehow so this can get more support… would be really appreciated thanks :blue_heart::+1::slightly_smiling_face::grin::pray::heart:

Here is the latest in case you hadn’t seen it yet? :slight_smile:

I have finally got a windows binary kind of work after a long 2 year wait for a windows support again, once this is working properly this will finally unblock HoloNET RSM, .NET HDK RSM and STAR ODK… :slight_smile:

So hopefully things will speed up now… :slight_smile: YAY! :slight_smile:


HoloNET was the world’s first .net and unity holochain client built in 2019 and was fully functional but after RSM it stopped working because the way the new conductor used messagepack to send messages. We have been attempting to resolve this going back and forth with the holochain community (especially connor, who we are very grateful for) for over 1.5 years.

If anyone can crack this we will gift £3000+ worth of OLAND NFTs and earn 7777 karma points and tokens plus maybe more… please share around… thanks :pray:


This is urgent and a top priority now, because we can then complete the HOLOOASIS provider meaning we can bridge holochain to all web2 (dbs, clouds, etc) and web3 blockchains etc giving a easy migration path to holochain.

It also allows the STAR Omniverse Low Code Generator to dynamically generate rust and c# code allowing people to focus on their idea rather than the lower level implementations and allow them to build metaverse experiences on top of holochain.

Read the latest update here: