HoloHub? Keeping track of hApps

Hey everyone!

I started here in the forum throwing myself into the 100 hApps Rally with a big project idea (“The WE Project” - the current website is just a layout of ideas), but I feel the necessity to expand and brake down things into smaller modules.

At the same time, because I probably did not take enough time to explore before being really exited about the HoloEnvironment, I realized later that there are in face already some hApps and ongoing Projects that match pretty closely some of the modules my original idea was made of, and it could be more a matter of putting things together, rather than to reinvent the wheel starting from scratch.

And in this regard, I see the place in the forum where some “official” (?) hApps are gathered, but also many topics and sub-topics where other very nice ideas are mentioned. I find it quite hard to keep track of what is going on in an efficient enought way, and I ask for help, maybe there is already a way and I did not find it?

In particular, The WE Project aims -as general goal- to be a global (in the good way) Hub for exchanging. I mention here the branches I am involved in or am aware of. Off course there is place for much more:

  • Energy (Sustainable, decentralized, available also in remote places. RedGrid is already doing some of this, right?)
  • Food (local/fair/healthy - HoloFood? I saw more than one here, for sure a wonderful group in Mexico if I recall it right)
  • Health (for Humans and Animals, including Frequency/Resonance Devices, Homeopathy, holistic approaches)
  • Exchange of goods - Marketplace (for different purposes, new and second hand, like OpenBazaar if you know it?)
  • Economy (from Barter to a Fair Coin, Zero-Interest-loans (or Negative), Jump-Starters for new projects, Pay-It-Forward-like Pools? Interaction with the current “system” i.e. fair Exchange with fiat or other currencies)
  • Communication (uncensorable by design, for individuals and groups)
  • Social Platforms (to get people together, and not to substitute the human interaction or become an other dopamin stimulator)
  • Information Hubs (including news, updates etc)
  • Housing (Domes, 3D printing of homes with local materials, cheaper, healthy, sustainable)
  • Transportation for Humans (from car poolling to uber-like, also automomous vehicles going where you need, not where they want…)
  • Transportation for Goods (including the interjuridsictional issues, customs etc. See Legal below)
  • Tokenization of sweat equity (labor) and commodities to open growing economies and single persons, can be expanded
  • Hamp (needs a point for itself, covering for medical use, fibers, plastics, clothing, batteries (!), food and more…)
  • Education (fair and aware, any subject, not the current reprogramming! Including a Repository of Material and on-line/off-line Courses)
  • Knowledge made available to anyone (HoloWiki? Uncensor-ed/-able, universal)
  • Legal Assistance for a fair play, for interacting with the current systems while they still exist (economy, health, trasportation, delivery of goods, and so on…)

Well, I forgot for sure some main points even, and I can not dive into each of them or it would take months… but what I wanted to do here is, to share where I am, and where the Project I brought here is aiming to go. hoping to generate discussion, involvement and mots importantly get brains and skills together!

FInal note: the WE Project as it is uses “The Law of One” as a Universal Intention Assurance system, sort of a “self-aiming for the Good”, where what ever is done in what ever branch is done for the good of humanity and for each and every one of us as an expression (or an instance) of the human consciousness. It was a way to try to keep things straight, without falling straight back to speculations and ego-based money making machines gaining on the shoulders of others.

Any feedback is apreciated, and I dream to get involved soon myself in a more deep and practical way, I think we need as human beings to take the responsibility of our current knowledge, and to develop it in the right direction to claim the independence we deserve, and we basically never had.

Cheers and all the best to each and everyone of you!



Wondering how to get some traction here… Possible that no one give a s… cares? :smile:

I still think that putting hApps (and ideas) in order and with some tracking of their progress would be of great help for everybody.

And I feel a big luck of possibilities for discussing ideas too.
Am I writing in the wrong place?


Hi Dario,
This is a good idea.