HoloFuel Transactor: A Critical Component in the Holo Ecosystem - Holochain Blog

This week we’re taking an in-depth look at the HoloFuel transactor, which operates “under the hood” of the HoloFuel UI we discussed in the Dev Pulse 52. This will give you some insight into how HoloFuel’s agent-centric design gives it an advantage over other digital currencies. Understanding how the transactor works is important—not only for hApp developers, but also for promoting network user adoption as a way to provide asset backing of the currency. Holo and Holochain are promoting HoloFuel as the micro-currency that powers the Holo Hosting network.

Read Article: https://blog.holochain.org/holofuel-transactor-a-critical-component-in-the-holo-ecosystem/
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I read in the article that agents will have to accept the payments but also will have the possibility to issue payments requests (to other agents).
Is there a mechanism in place that avoid using this feature (issuing requests) as some kind of spam or DDoS-sing the network?
What about payments to e.g. a donation campaign, the receiving party will have to manually accept every single donation?? I see the intention is to go from asynchronous to synchronous transactions but i’m talking about what i see presented asis not the hypothetic tobe.