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Holofuel release application

I am currently writing a report about Holofuel, and after searching high and low, I cannot determine the nature of how Holofuel will be rolled out from a hosting angle. Will end users, who are Fuel holders without a holoport, be able to run their own copy of the app on their local device, and as a consequence of this, be managing their own source chain? Or will all the computation be done in house on the Holo network?

There is a difference between Holochain and Holo. Holochain is the distributed app framework anyone can use to build applications that users run locally. Holo is the hosting service that enables app developers and app providers to allow regular web users to participate in Holochain applications through the typical entrypoints like websites and apps. HoloFuel is the micro accounting currency that app providers have to acquire to pay hosts within the Holo hosting network for storing data, running apps, and spending bandwidth. Therefore, Fuel is only relevant within the context of the Holo hosting network and is not required for running Holochain apps at all.

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Thanks for your reply, I understand this difference. My question pertains to how the Holofuel application will be rolled out, because it is an application at the end of the day. There will be many holders of fuel who do not own a holoport, but they will need a way to custody and manage those funds.

And second to this, I hope to find out whether this app that enables custody of Fuel will write to its own Local source chain stored natively on the user’s device, or if at the beginning end users without a holoport will need to access the Fuel app via the Holo network, in which case they will not be hosting their own data, even though they may have private access to it.

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