Holofuel and HOLO (HOT)

When Holofuel will be release we Have six months of time to swap HOLO (HOT) to Holofuel, but after six months what will happen to HOLO (HOT)? It will remain on exchanges? It will possible to swap Holofuel to HOLO (HOT)? The rate will be always 1:1? It is not clear. Thank you.

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the 1:1 rate will only be available during the swap period. Afterwards (as far as I know) HOT will remain in circulation as a bridge over to other crypto currencies. It seems likely that there will be a HOT/HoloFuel reserve account held by Holo so that hosts may redeem in Hot but I don’t know if that is all settled.

After the swap period is over, I assume the exchange rate between HOT and HoloFuel will be market based.


I understand. Thanks for the reply!


Hi, I have token in crypto.com, will they be automatically swapped?

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Swap will not be automatic, no.

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How do we swap? I’m new in this! :innocent:

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Hi Holo Gang,

I hold HOT tokens in Binance, those wont automatically swap either right ?
Any idea when the new Holo Fuel will be available for swapping ?

Hi Brooks, I also own Hot on the Crypto.com account
I would like to know how the exchange can be made? since it will not be automatic I assume that it will be possible to select the new HF coin and make the exchange from the crypto wallet … so all the owners of Hot will be able to trade with a value of 1: 1 … am I wrong? Thanks for your time

I keep a few hundred thousand HOT in my metamask, the swap may cost a lot of Ethereum I assume. How do we expect to keep it really 1 to 1?

The gas fees on Ethereum don’t have anything to do with the 1:1. You will get 1:1 on the HOT you send, and you will have to pay gas fees to send it on Ethereum. Hopefully fees won’t be too high at that time…

Yea I gotta stop buying them on Metamask. Bought another $500 worth last night and i know the gas fees are gonna hurt me for the 1 to 1. Hopefully the Holoport will be printing money.