Holochain vs Blockchain - who will be the winner in 2022?

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With #NFTs burning up the internet, I see this as Holochain’s opportunity to become a major player in this space. However, so few people are talking about it to help nonIT people like myself explain this technology to the internet 2.0 players.

Here is a video that takes a shot at it; What is Holo? How Does Holochain Compare To Blockchain? - YouTube, but would like to see more people share about what they think about Holochain vs Blockchain and how they are making a move towards the NFT market with it.


Let’s get this party started - the time is now for Holochain. Either it lives up to its hype or it will fall behind. Similar to McDonald’s and its competition. Superior technology doesn’t always mean you will become the winner. Right?

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I predict Holochain will come pre-installed on every GNU/Linux desktop.


Hi @biohackr,

I’ve moved your post to the General Chat section of the Forum, as that’s the right place for it.

Also, we’re okay not winning against blockchain. There’s a big world with plenty of space for different solutions. We’ve got an excellent one, and trust that as our technology matures, it’s usefulness will mean that people are excited to use it. NFT’s are a great use case for Holochain, and I would be surprised if we don’t have some really cool NFT projects being made on Holochain.

There’s credibility to the concern that if Holochain doesn’t live up to it’s potential, that it will be lost in the crowd. If Holochain doesn’t live up to it’s potential, then it’s appropriate for people to use other projects and ignore it. If it does live up to it’s potential, then even if it’s more late to the market, then it’s still going to be so much more useful than other projects that I believe that it will still get a more than sufficient amount of adoption for the project and the ecosystem of projects around it to flourish.

And as for the marketing/visibility/bandwagoning aspect of the crypto space, there are more than enough people/projects/companies excited to build things on Holochain as soon as it’s ready for them to do. When people see what it can actually do, then it’ll be a different game and that’s when we’ll need your and others’ help to go out and say: Hey, look at what Holochain is actually doing and who is using it!

In the meantime, here’s Josh and Art’s article on Holochain and NFTs - Holochain Is an Ideal Framework for NFTs - Holochain Blog

And here’s a blog post from my favorite blog on the internet, which also happens to be the official best blog on the internet to give you a sense of why I feel confident that as long as Holochain works, it’s going to be adopted. It’s an article about Elon Musk, and regardless of your perspective on him, it uses him to make an excellent distinction about cooks and chefs. Holochain is a chef project. - The Cook and the Chef: Musk's Secret Sauce — Wait But Why


i was wondering the same thing.

Hi Guys,

We are putting on an event for NFT Business Strategy and would love to have some contributors from the Holochain space.

Let me know if you are up for a discussion.