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Holochain Virtual Get-Together #2 — Sept. 26 @ 11:00 am UTC

You’re invited to the second Holochain Virtual Get-Together!

Join us for the first in a new series of online gatherings for Holochain Community Members from around the globe to meet ~almost~ in person to connect, share, and explore the Holochain Ecosystem.

We will source topics from attendees to organize into breakout rooms held by Holochain Community Organizers and Holo team members to go deeper into topics like:

  • Holochain 101
  • Building a business model for Holochain
  • Architecting for Holochain
  • Starting a Meetup Community
  • Currency Design/Metacurrency/Ceptr geeking out
  • etc.

You can join us in this zoom room here~!


@bear, Could you please provide a meeting invite that could be used by a calendar app? Much appreciated. Do Holochain team keep some public shared calendar for events? Looking forward to this get-together. Thanks.


Thanks Bear! Looking forward to it.
Is there a calendar with public events?

Hey all,

Here’s an updated link to register for the Get-Together, instead of having to add it to your calendar -.

Also, there’s a calendar on Holo.host here, which is easily findable if you google Holochain events ; ). We’ll also look into setting up a link to our public calendar here on the Forum.

Thank you @bear.

When is the next Virtual Get-Together? :slight_smile:

Hi! The next virtual Get-Together is scheduled for October 21st at 4pm UTC – I will be posting this upcoming week with the link to register :slight_smile:

Thanks Carolyn, I have reserved the slot in my agenda. Looking forward to it.

Also, I have spoken today with Raphi and we will be organizing a meetup in Brussels soon, and in one year we would like to organize a conference also here. Is it possible to open a space for us in the forum to coordinate about this?

Warm regards,

Hi Liliana!

We recommend to start by building a strong community through recurring Dinners and Meetups. I see that you have already created a post to announce upcoming events – great – that is the appropriate place to start discussions/publish events.

Once you have details (time, location, schedule), then you can submit tothis form so we can bump the event on social media.

@raphisee has already gone through this process, as he is an experienced community organizer :slight_smile:

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Hi Carolyn,

Thanks for your message :slight_smile:

I have experience building offline/event-based communities, and with the support of @raphisee it will be a success!

The first meetup will be on the 1st of November. Raphi and me are looking into the finances to setup a price for the meetup that covers his costs and mine.

As soon as that is arranged, I will post it clearly on the form and let you know it to get a bust. Thanks for all!