Holochain v0.0.49-alpha1 released and blessed

There are known issues with this release, some of which we initially believed were introduced in v0.0.48 but existed prior to that. We’re releasing it ahead of fixes for those issues, because it resolves a critical upstream bug that caused zome compilation to fail in v0.0.47. This should unblock your development, and you should still be able to test most aspects of your DNAs in spite of the known issues.

This is now the ‘blessed’ release, which means that it’s what you’re using whenever you install via nix-shell https://holochain.love. We recommend that everyone start using this, with the knowledge that the known issues might cause buggy behaviour in at least these two situations:

  • Links are added to an agent ID entry and retrieved later.
  • Multiple agents author the same entry and you want to retrieve all authors.

We’re already working on fixes for the above consistency issues and are investigating others.

Summary for Holochain v0.0.49-alpha1

  • Bugfix: Futures crate dependency updated to resolve upstream bug; fixes inability to compile zomes.
  • Known issues (critical): Discrepancies between a node’s advertised holding list and their actual holding list. The holding list is an inventory of all the DHT data that a node has claimed authority for.
  • Known issue (minor): Even when an agent is an authority for an entry, the conductor always hits the DHT when getting links on that entry. This causes performance issues in cases where the agent ID entry is used as an anchor for async notifications.
  • Known issue (minor): Long-running zome calls block other calls, causing sluggishness in UIs.