Holochain v0.0.43-alpha3 released

[2020-02-18] Warning: looks like there’s a regression in 0.0.43-alpha3; we would like feedback on the known issues described below.

Hey, folks. I just got news that a new version of Holochain has dropped at the GitHub releases feed and, more conveniently, via nix-shell https://holochain.love. Correction: it hasn’t been published to holochain.love yet because it hasn’t made it through the ‘blessing’ process that assures that it’s ready to start hacking on.

What’s new in this release?

  • A super speedy sim2h server (this is the release that can handle 5000 nodes all joining the passhthrough DNA at the same time!)
  • Pagination and sorting (by commit date only) for get_links results

Breaking changes

  • In order to accommodate pagination and sorting, the call signature for get_links and friends has changed
  • If you run the new sim2h_server, all agents will need to run the new conductor as well. This is because of a change in the way Holochain announces membership in a DNA space.
  • sim1h and n3h were obsolete and unmaintained for a while; we’ve now removed them as supported networking backends.

Known issues

  • We’re seeing intermittent timeouts with send/receive and are hunting down the cause.
  • There’s a regression that causes sim2h to stop working under very heavy sustained load.

How to upgrade

  • If you’re already using nix-shell https://holochain.love (this includes Windows developers using our Vagrant setup), all you need to do is exit from all the Nix shells you have open and re-enter them. See correction above — I’ll let you know when it’s landed!
  • If you’ve downloaded the binaries, you can get the new ones from the GitHub releases feed.
  • If you’re an end-user running apps in Holoscape, stay tuned for a new Holoscape release (note to developers distributing apps to end-users: you can set up your own sim2h server, or point your users to the public sim2h servers ws://public.sim2h.net or ws://test.sim2h.net as appropriate).