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Holochain security protocol

Hello, i might find the perfect idea for holochain to obtain the security protocol. I dont say it is poorly now but maybe it can be used for the future or it can be used on single apps what runs on holochain. Its easy to use for every one, ones it made and developed by the best developers on holochain.
I am not a developer but i am good in ideas.
This idea came along when i downloaded a wallet for a cryptocurrency holo was one of these currencies. When the ask me to wright down mij seed phrases i liked it but then i thought this is way to hard for some people. Many folks dont want to do it because lack of computer knowledge. Then i start to think this can be better and this need to be done also by an 8 year old or 70 year old grandpa/ma.
I think i found the solution for it. If there is someone who’s with me, thinking the same. I will explain my self. Btw excuse my English this is the best i can…
Thank u

I like it. What is it?