Holochain Seattle event follow up with Eric Bear

@bear Hi Eric, I’m just sending over a message to stay updated on the Seattle Holochain info. Thanks!


Throwing my hat in the ring, too.

@bear, I don’t recall precisely what forum/group/thread you wanted me to join, but feel free to add me anywhere.

Hey Y’all,

After yesterday’s conversation with a handful of folks, and further discussions with Peter and team members, we’re moving the Hackathon to Portland.

We’ve got a great space in Portland at wonderful new community center that some friends of mine are just now opening!

We’ve got folks planning on coming down from Seattle, and some local Portland folks who couldn’t make Seattle able to come, and are following up with some other local connections here.

Peter and I are still planning to put on a Holochain Hackathon in Seattle some time this coming year at a time that works better with the whims of the Universe.

If anyone needs help working through this shift, please reach out to me here on the forum or on email at eric.bear@holo.host.

Of course, we’re happy to offer refunds to anyone who’s unable to attend.

Thank you for your flexibility and understanding,
Eric Bear

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