Holochain Resources in different languages

Hey all!

I love how the global Holochain community is growing and am always excited to hear about where folks are gathering around the tech. I know a bunch of you already speak, share and write about Holochain in multiple languages.

This is a call for any translated Holochain resources !!

Please post on this thread to compile a list of different-language resources!



Hi @carolyn!!

Here’s the link to all the developer pulses translated in japanese so far!

We also have the old holochain tutorial in japanese! This needs an update as it probably wont work with the current hc release already :frowning:

Some other resources can all be found here!

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Is there any i18n effort in Holochain at this moment? Site and documentation translation?

I don’t think so…I am not sure if it is changing too much at its core for that or if it is a question of team bandwidth.

That would be great to bring up in call – perhaps it could be something that a project looks at during a hackathon!