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Holochain Reading List

A long list of Holochain related material.


Just did a sneaky update, more curated now.

This is a great list, very well presented, hope more people get to see it!

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There are several links pointing to artbrock.com. Unfortunately it appears this site is no longer under the ownership of @artbrock.

Has the content on this website been moved elsewhere or should I just use archive.org?

Also, I think this list could just as well be copied into this topic itself now that it’s not frequently edited anymore, so that it can be quoted and is more searchable. The Notion page for some reason scrolls extremely slowly on iOS.

artbrock.com is in the process of being migrated. I still own the domain, but I’m bringing down the old and insecure/infected server that my personal web site was on.

Sorry about the gap in switchover. I guess I can repoint the domain even while the new site is not prettified or well organized yet.

So… here goes. Try again tomorrow after the name server changes have propagated.


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