Holochain.org and Facebook for business privacy concern

Hey there,

It’s probably just the next Facebook attack on privacy but I was wondering the Holochain website might involuntarily be sharing information with Facebook.

See picture and links if you wanna share into this. Thanks.


Activity from apps and websites you’ve logged into with Facebook. This activity comes from businesses or organizations who use Facebook Login. You can also manage the apps and websites you log into with Facebook in your Apps and Websites settings.

I know I can be more careful about it myself but I still like to know if it is also related to Holochain using Facebook for business tools. This is how Facebook is presenting it to me. I do wanna point it out because privacy is a thing in the Holochain ecosystem and I like it to be cleared out if possible.


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Hey @Daya - I’ve shared this with out marketing and social media folks and will look into changing our settings to create more privacy.

Thank you for flagging it, and I’ll get something and get back to you on it-

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I would also suggest to all users to use facebook inside the Firefox “Facebook Container”…

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