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Holochain on WSL

I am trying to get Holochain installed on WSL. I have used Nix in WSL without issue for quite some time but when I try to instal the Holochain tools I get an issue relating to a build group not existing:

error: the group ‘nixbld’ specified in ‘build-users-group’ does not exist

Has anyone encountered this? Or have a fix for WSL?

Hi @glottologist,

I’ve hit some bumps in the road while using WSL.
What linux disto are you using? Ubuntu 20.10?
And how did you install nix? This way: https://nixos.org/guides/install-nix.html or some other way, via snaps or apt-install?

I tried installing nix via apt-install on Ubuntu and it didn’t work.

You can install Holochain on WSL2 without nix. Grab the repo and install the crate with cargo within WSL2.