Holochain on Android?

Hey there, I’m just curious if there are ongoing efforts to get Holochain core compiled and working for Android devices. We have some use-cases coming up where it would be very useful to be able to demonstrate mobile devices participating in a network…

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Recent and near term efforts around Holochain Core will likely be around improving the automated testing infrastructure, performance improvements, resolving bugs, and getting to full feature alpha.

I’m not aware of a specific timeframe for mobile.

I managed to cross compile lair & holochain for aarch64-linux-android.
Had to install Android dev tools and a compiled openssl for android.

Don’t know if it actually runs yet


I also managed to cross compile lair & holochain for x86_64-linux-android .
There was just an easy fix to do in wasmer for that config.

However I haven’t managed to have holochain working. I had it working up to this line at startup in spawn_kitsune_p2p():

let sender = channel_factory.create_channel::<KitsuneP2p>().await?;

Haven’t figured out the issue. Maybe a network specific thing? To get to this point I had to remove the calls to projectDirs as it gives None on android.

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I will tack on here my newly created ‘tracking issue’ for supporting ios (which is really an upstream process first of all) [Tracking Issue] Support IOS · Issue #890 · holochain/holochain · GitHub

Exciting what you were able to do there @ddd-mtl !