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Holochain NFT Game/Project

Hi again,

I’ve been following the NFT bonanza, bubble, or craze and want to pitch a project to coincide with a novel I’m publishing. It would be something similar to Bored Apes or Stoner Cats on Opensea. I don’t understand the gaming aspect at all, but I do know the project has incredible potential based on the infamous history, the famous characters, and sorted tales of the institution.

I saw an article that NFTs would not be a problem on the holochain. Is anyone working on something? If so, who? If not, is anyone interested?

The first step would be a simple white paper proposal outlining the concept. I would need someone from the gaming world to help.



You can try chatting with folks at dada.art here: Telegram: Join Group Chat

They are working on NFT-type functionality with Holochain on their platform. They have some videos about this on YouTube, e.g., Holochain with Arthur Brock - YouTube

@NFTwonderland has also mentioned that they are building something.

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Thanks, I’ve checked it out and still looking around. Just don’t want to do a blockchain project.

If you wanna talk about a project. I am available at [email protected]. And anyone else looking to create a team to create a game; reach out. :slight_smile:

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Also a discord channel if any holograms want to have a place to meet. Feel free to use my channel as your own. And suggestions are welcome. :slight_smile: