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Holochain minimal requirements

Hello community,

I got myself a ThinkPad t440s with Ubuntu to get started and experiment with Holochain. I didn’t yet got it in real though because their is a problem at the delivery service. So I am not able to test yet.

Now I just found out CPU should be 4+ core and I got only non upgradable dual core i7-4600U with 12gb RAM and 256gb SSD.


Will I still be able to get started?

Thanks for helping out,


I have a older dual processor machine with very minimal specs which I just revived with Tiny Core Linux. I will report back on what it can do when I get a chance. It won’t be anyone’s first choice but options always help. Splitting rust compilation and conductor execution separate from GUI work would help too. It takes a lot to run a modern editor or browser.

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Ok. Please let me know your findings. I just wanna do some exploring to get a technical feel with the space. I hope a dual core system will be fine for this.

Sorry @Daya this took me forever to get to. I had trouble getting nix-shell installed on the old machine and put a different OS on it eventually. nix-shell https://holochain.love then took a full 103 minutes of real time to get most of the way done before hitting an error with ...compiler-rt-7.1.0 failing to build. This is a 32 bit system so I’m imagining there are messy problems with getting that to work that are beyond my patience to fix.