Holochain launcher

Not sure if ill get respose but last 6 months or so holochain launcher has been updated and i cant use it anymore .
I have done everything in all holochain instruction to get it to run again for the new happs but i cant run apps.
I feel i need to uninstall the old version to install the new version but its not working ever.
The holochain launcher i have opens but does not open any happs iv downloaded.
Or it doent show me a store to install them from.

Im not super familiar with ubuntu or terminal bit have tryed most everything.

I really need a apprlication avalible to justify my investment i wish chat or chess was still avalible but i cant use kizuna or clutter or that drawboard no matter how hard iv tryed after months.
Thanks for any help.

Hello and thanks for your note. There has just been a new release of the Launcher which I think may fix your problem. I assume that the problem you experienced was the one of issue #76 that you can find on github (the forum doesn’t let me post the link unfortunately).
It turned out that there were problems with opening apps in all Snap browser versions on Ubuntu, which should now be obsolete as we changed to opening hApps in dedicated windows instead of the browser.
There may still be issues that downloading of hApps through the App Library may fail sometimes and only work after letting the launcher open for quite a while. This is because sharing of large files in holochain is not yet at its best.
If you encounter further issues, the best place to raise them in general is the github repository of the launcher as they will be more frequently checked there.