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Holochain-in-action session №4: Finishing progenitor pattern with test

In this video we will walk you through:
00:00:00​ Intro
00:02:50​ Finishing progenitor pattern

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Interested to here more on the progenitor pattern? What is it? :slight_smile: Nice short summary?

Sorry not got time at mo to watch full videos! :slight_smile:

Thanks. :heart:

You can create some properties for your DNA in the yaml file and read them inside the zomes.
These properties can be changed and override during the hApp installation process.

If you change a property the Hash of DNA is going to be changed consequently. So only agents who are installing the same DNA with the same Hash are on the same network and can see and talk to each other.

If you are able to put your Agent-Public-Key in this properties during the installation and invite other to install the same DNA with your Agent-Public-Key so you officially start a network that you play the role of progenitor or ancestor. which can be kind of equivalent to Admin or Super user in the traditional architecture.

For example in Peer-share, I would like to have 2 roles, one is Developer and Another one is normal user. Only developer can create Schema in peer-share application.
So how to detect developer? progenitor patter. I can easily query DNA property any time and compare with the Agent-Public-Key in conductor, if they are equal so the current agent is developer.


Great thank you. Yes sounds great idea thanks. Are there any working examples yet? :slightly_smiling_face:

Play the video you see at the top.

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