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Holochain-in-Action Session 3-progenitor pattern-how holochain run apps-dna property- unwrap vs (?)

In this video we will walk you through:
00:00:00​​ Intro
00:00:50​ Agenda of this Video
00:03:20​ How holochain runs hApps and why Rust
00:11:35​ Modularity in Rust
00:19:56​ Implementing progenitor pattern and read DNA property in zoom
00:33:30​ Implementing test for progenitor pattern
00:41:17​ what is cell in holochain app
00:42:13​ unwrap() vs question mark(?) in Rust
00:50:10​ improve the code and replace unwrap wtih ?
00:52:05​ why unwrap is not safe
00:54:14​ scaffolding am_i_developer functionality
01:01:05​ Why we need DNA property
01:05:48​ DNA property for forking application like football
01:08:00​ DNA property Q&A and more example

These sessions are mostly suitable for programmers and designers, so if you would like to participate you need to fill-out this application in advance.

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