Holochain 'HDK' stabilising + Holo milestones work - Quick Update - February 25th, 2022

The preparation continues on two milestones including the Publisher Portal pre-release as well as the longevity test of Elemental Chat hosted on HoloPorts. However, the highlight this week is the increasing stabilization of the Holochain Developer Kit (HDK) described in detail in yesterday’s Dev Pulse 113. This ‘kit’ is a collection of developer tools that facilitate the creation of Holochain apps and it will continue improving in subsequent releases as it matures to stability. This stability is critical for increased development by the ecosystem teams working on Holochain based software products. We’ll share more about the upcoming Holochain roadmap, soon.

Meanwhile, the HoloPort Usability milestone continues with ~80% of active hosts re-registered. HoloPort Alpha Program participants need to re-register by the end of February to ensure accrual of program payments. Join us on the Holo Forum at forum.holo.host to re-register. Also, we’re very close to shipping the new batch of HoloPorts which are arriving into our three warehouse locations over the coming days.

Dev Pulse 113: Dev Pulse - Holochain Blog

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Very encouraging Lucas, huge effort by everyone.