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Holochain Hackathon, Seattle, March 13th-15th

Join us in the beautiful Pacific Northwest for 2.5 days of intense training and hands-on support in Holochain architecture, design principles, and hApp development at REI headquarters in Seattle (okay, technically it’s in Bellevue), WA

Find more details & registration here:


Hi Peter,

Glad to hear you are running a hackathon. We are running one in NYC March 27th - 29th. If you have any suggestions for us that come out of your hackathon, please share. Good luck with it.

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I’ll be there! :wave:

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I’ll be there! Bringing Trust Graph, an early stage project to create an interop format for decentralized, self-sovereign, user owned and controlled, privately sharable trust trust and rating information.

Including a bit of description below that I wrote about it for DWebCamp last year.

Looking forward to seeing some of you there! Please invite your Seattle friends! https://www.eventbrite.com/e/seattle-holochain-hackathon-tickets-86977838055



What if all our decentralized apps and platforms could share trust/ratings/attestation information, in the form of portable cryptographically signed claims?

What if this self-sovereign, user owned and controlled, privately sharable trust network could become the backbone to unite our many disparate decentralized web apps and platforms?

Finally, what if by uniting our networks in this way we could snowball into an effectively larger, deeper, more powerful network effect than today’s legacy social networks and chat apps?

Critical Features

Here are the features that seem to me most needed to make this work well:

  • A simple ratings/claims interop format defined by a set of core fields (proposed: source, target, semantic content, normalized scalar value)
  • Isomorphic translation between formats (e.g. JSON LD Verifiable Claims, IETF Reputons)
  • Platform independent (e.g. Holo, Ethereum, Blockstack, etc)
  • Storage independent (e.g. IPFS, DAT, etc)
  • Cryptographically signed, with a keypair using any common algorithm

Trust Graph project

A small team have been working off and on for several years on the open source decentralized ratings platform Trust Graph, which has all of these goals, but still has a long way to go to achieve them. We’ve learned a lot along the way, and want to offer that here; but we’re also unattached to any one solution; we are suggesting here the building blocks for a generic solution, and together the community can choose to use components of Trust Graph or other projects or build from scratch.