Holochain Grants?

Hi all, a trend that I’ve been seeing lately in other protocols/projects is the introduction of grants/funding for initiatives which are supported by the community/DAO.

Is this currently something which is available within the Holochain ecosystem?

(I’m not talking about funding hype projects/scams btw, but genuine projects with key milestones and deliverables that add value to the network as a whole).

Apparently the Coventina Foundation is helping to fund/support projects, but I haven’t seen any official way to apply for or access funding. Coventina.org is currently forwarding to ceptr.org, which I’m assuming means they haven’t finished building their website.

I don’t think much support is available.
I tried to ask a similar question some time ago, but did not get much support in favor of more funding options needed: Fundraising for happs

Thanks for the feedback.

As someone who believes in Holochain and is not a developer but who has the ability to add value to projects (I’m already receiving grants elsewhere) it’s a shame that I can’t align my work hours towards helping achieve Holochain’s vision as I still need to ‘put food on the table’.

Hopefully this changes over time.

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