Holochain for decentralized E-Commerce


I am currently developing a Payment System with an Escrow System and Order Handling. Later even a marketplace. So far so good the dApp already exists but saving order information and customer data into blockchain is not the best way for it. I am planning to outsource order handling and customer registration. With each transaction, some pieces of Order information need to be saved, retrieve, and rechecked. It is also not cheap. I came now to Holochain but I’ve checked already the documentation but I am not an expert in a few minutes now.

As I understood the hApp need to be run in the background to validate the data over DHT. I found this link and my question is is a local chain or shared DHT a better way for securing customer data and order information? I guess the customers don’t need to run additional hApps to join and it is enough that we run it? It is also possible to publish files, e.g. images?

I’ve noticed that questions on the Forum don’t always get quick answers. You could try joining this HC Dev Discord and try asking there: DEV.HC