Holochain DevCamp

Please join us for Holochain DevCamp #5!

Our introduction to Rust is tomorrow (Jan 15) and the Holochian training will start on the 22nd!

**Don’t worry if you see this after the 15th, all sessions are recorded.

Register here!

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Great thanks @bear — filled out the form. Can you tell us more about the structure and content of the camp?

Looking forward to hopefully participating, great timing. :pray:

Hey Harlan,

The course will run from January 22nd to February 19th 2020, with regular video calls containing the basic lessons of happ development and the chance to ask questions directly.

The main focus will be on learning to build a Udemy type hApp.

For non-technical people, each live session will have a breakout for learning about architecture, design principles, business design with Holochain, etc.

Sorry that we didn’t get you linked into it in time for the Rust presentation today. We’ll get you into the course soon and have the video there, and links to other Rusty resources soon!

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Looking forward to this!!!


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Hi there,
I’m interested in following the devcamp, but I might not be available all the time (for example, I’m not available from the 22nd to the 25th, but I could watch the recorded videos on the 26th).
Is it a good idea to participate anyway or would it be better to continue learning holochain by myself and register for a next devcamp ?
Also, how deep goes the camp into holochain ? Same content as the tutorials or more ?

By all means @glunk, participate anyway!

We’re recording the sessions for people who can’t make it to the live ones. Some folks are in timezones that make it impossible to attend the live sessions. The content is totally different than the tutorials, and there’s heaps of support!

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Does everyone who registers get in? Also is there a way to get access to previous devcamp materials?

Hey @Alexr1239 Alex,

Yes. Everyone who registers gets in.

As for the old DevCamp materials, no. Because of some of the changes to Holochain, some of it’s outdated and the content of the current one is current. Also, it’s a big hassle to manage the old one which is on a totally different content management system and it wouldn’t be a wise use of my, or other people who could manage its time.

That okay?

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