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Holochain Dev Pulse Japanese(日本語) Version


I will be pasting here the japanese version of the holochain dev pulse from now on.
If you want any other articles translated into japanese, feel free to ask!

Holochain デベロッパー・パルス No.48
日本語タイトル: HoloPortOS上のビルドシステムのオーバーホール
Holochain Developer Pulse No 48
Title: Build System on HoloPortOS Gets an Overhaul


Well done sato! Great contribution!

Thanks @Sol!! Appreciate it!

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Another dev pulse from the holochain organization!
This time about the UI of HoloPort!!
Really exciting stuff!!

Holochainデベロッパー・パルス No.49です!

Holochain デベロッパー・パルス No.48
日本語タイトル: HoloPort UI管理者スタートアップの紹介
Holochain Developer Pulse No 49
Title: Tour of HoloPort UI Admin Startup

Hi @tats_sato it’s wonderful to see this type of work and contribution. Thank you for all your efforts and sharing this information with the community. It’s great to know our Dev Pulses are being translated in other languages.

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Many many thanks to you @tats_sato for all the work you’re doing!


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Thank you!! Really appreciate the support I am getting as well from the community.
Nothing beats the feeling of contributing to a community that is geared towards making a real impact in the world :smiley:

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Thank you as well @pauldaoust!! Your work is truly inspiring and I am honored to translate the materials you have been making! :smiley:

Another dev pulse from the holochain organization!
This time it is about the networking tool developers can use
called sim1h!
Much easier to test the networking part of your application now!

Holochainデベロッパー・パルス No.50です!

Holochain デベロッパー・パルス No.50
日本語タイトル: アプリ開発者のためのsim1hの紹介
Holochain Developer Pulse No 50
Title: An Introduction to Sim1h for App Developers