Holochain consulting for metaverse projects

I am getting a lot of interest in developing metaverse projects and would love to connect with some consultants that understand how to transition from blockchain to holochain and could share that with potential clients.

Please pm if you are interested in learning more.



Good luck. Sounds exciting.
Holochain is still new enough that I’ve not heard of anyone doing that kind of consulting.

If anyone reading this does that work, and wants social media exposure, please reach out to me. I have a good following on Twitter. I’d love to be suggesting to blockchain developers to plan for Holochain conversion.

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I’m halfway there… I’m consulting/strategising for a blockchain company in Germany, who are now full steam into the metaverse, while producing a series of hybrid music/arts festivals here in Goa. Also been following Holo for over 5+ years and am a “certified Holochain programmer”. However… it’s indeed too early to really know the answers to much of this. Perhaps you’ve planted seeds for later.


Just like on the other metaverse post I just responded to this is right up my alley since as I said the Web4 OASIS API connects all of Web2 and Web3 together enabling a easy migration path to Holochain… we have been working on this since 2018! :slight_smile:

Read my response and more links here:

Plus this one you may find useful:

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We have so far integrated Holochain, IPFS, Solana, Ethereum, EOS, MongoDB, SQLLite & Neo4j. Soon we will integrate ThreeFold, Near, Polygon, SOLID, ActivityPub, Orion Protocol & many more! :slight_smile:

Please send us any requests… thanks.