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Hi everybody,

I am pretty new here and not sure if I have the right question in the right place, but I am looking to build a new coin on Holochain. So far, this platform has my attention. Not sure how I can get a consultation and hopefully develop a new coin on this platform. I appreciate any helps in advance.

Hi @7thsystem,

Welcome aboard! It might be a good idea to share more details of what you have in mind and what previous experience you have for folks to engage.

Warm wishes

Thank you Lucas for your response. I am trying to connect the wallet of my resource-sharing app to a new crypto coin to facilitate moving and storing value/money for the users. My experience is developing a resource-sharing platform. While I have been writing codes for so many years, I am not developing the codes myself in this recent project if I answered your question correctly. When we work with a developer/company, we normally sign an NDA and we talk about requirements in detail. I have a feeling there is a different culture here and everything has to be brutally public  Overall I believe we are all making efforts to make life better and easier for all of us. I have not thought about what if the idea will be discussed publicly here, but I know at least it cannot be patented, and not sure it is against the culture of here. The coin that we are thinking about is a very customized one and not sure technically it can be forked to the existing platform of Holochain. As I mentioned I am new to this and I apologize if I sound a little out of this world.

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No worries @7thsystem, The more you can safely share of what you have in mind the easier is for like minded people to nudge you and start a conversation.

Is this the right/only place to find consultants and developers in Holochain? Please advise. Thanks

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I’d say it’s certainly the best place.

@guillemcordoba, what was the name of the Venezuelan dev shop again that has been building Holochain stuff for a while now? Maybe they’d take @7thsystem’s call.

I think it’s https://www.eyss.io/ you’re referring to?


Yes, that’s right!

Dunno why but this popped into my head when I read this thread, thought I’d share for some Friday fun :wink:

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