Holochain Community Resources

Hi All,

We are working on a GitHub group and repositories to make it easier for communities to access and share resources.

Currently, we have a ‘media-kit’ repo which contains logos; slides; photo’s; decks; etc. And an outdated version of the personas & peer-chat demo. The idea is to have multiple repositories with easy to install and digest demos that community members can install and play with during community events/meetups.

Since this is a community effort, I would like to give community organizers access/membership to the GitHub group. This way we can communicate and steer our efforts and hopefully have a rich eco-system of working/stable demos and resources.

You can find the group here: https://github.com/holochain-community-resources

Some questions/re-marks:

  • Please contact me if you would like to join the group, so I can add you and give you premissions.
  • The next few days I will work on ‘dressing’ it up more and update the peer-chat demo, since that last one is a bit outdated.
  • Please let me know any ideas or suggestions to improve and make this work.

Thanks a lot and enjoy!


Thank you Adrian !

I have a small addition to the community resources, maybe it can be useful as viral marketing material or to spice up presentations… or ? : ))


That is great :slight_smile: Love it and added a meme-folder to the resources repo. Good idea to collect some nice memes here
I will share it on Twitter. Thanks a lot!

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I’m doing a series of “audio books” of Holochain written documents. Here is a reading of one of Arthur Brock’s papers: https://medium.com/@gregkerr_9395/reading-of-holoscene-explosion-2-1-745fbaa22d75


Watch on #Periscope: Holochain Green Paper Reading: legal disclaimer and context-bridging crypto #Holo #Holochain


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Watch on #Periscope: Holochain Green Paper Reading: Introduction #holo #holochain


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[Watch on #Periscope: Holochain Forum: Code of Conduct #holochain https://www.pscp.tv/w/cTlfazF4ZUVXbFBycE9QUVB8MWRSS1pRVldWWnp4Qhh7YVMgPL20vjA6TRcgt2JHsaRWEVtXrYqNRDBKl-M9](Watch on #Periscope: Holochain Forum: Code of Conduct #holochain https://www.pscp.tv/w/cTlfazF4ZUVXbFBycE9QUVB8MWRSS1pRVldWWnp4Qhh7YVMgPL20vjA6TRcgt2JHsaRWEVtXrYqNRDBKl-M9)

Watch on #Periscope: Holochain Dev Pulse 68 part 1 #holo #holochain