Holochain and Nano

I came across a post about Holochain and wanted to share it here. The post talks about the possibilities of building Holochain apps that implement the Nano protocol. Here is the original post: https://www.reddit.com/r/nanocurrency/comments/gpgv2r/nano_and_holochain/

Nano is a p2p cryptocurrency with 0 fees and near instant confirmation times. Its novel agent centric block-lattice structure and dPoS voting supports throughput only limited by bandwidth and network latency. It’s the most scalable p2p monetary currency, and the only one that makes sending money free, no matter how miniscule the transaction. In some ways, their team & community reminds me of that of Holochain: both have solid a focus on building the right things and less on premature marketing.

Here are some resources on Nano:

https://content.nano.org/whitepaper/Nano_Whitepaper_en.pdf (The whitepaper is a little out of date but explains the core concepts well.)

Here is the relevant part of the post:

But it seems intuitive that nano and holochain could play well together. I imagine nano would continue being a pure currency, while a set of holochain apps could be built which implement the nano protocol. This could allow nano to act as a native currency in a dapp ecosystem, potentially with blockchain holochain networks with some sort of smart contract functionality.

It will be interesting if Nano’s agent centric architecture allows it to serve as a native currency across some Holochain apps. What do you think, is this feasible? Thanks!

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Thank you! I had been thinking along the same lines. It’s probably not too hard to implement a Holochain Nano client.

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