Holo Today — Elemental Chat, the First Holochain P2P App Released for Hosts

Holo Today Elemental Chat, the First Holochain P2P App Released for Hosts

Lead Org Update – find out all the latest updates about Holo:

  • Elemental Chat release
  • A chat app differentiates Holochain from blockchain
  • Roadmap & milestones and more!

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By way of introduction, I am not very technical. However I do have a holoport :). and it appears to be working. How do I access the Elemental Chat App?
Can anyone direct to the instructions etc …warm regards . . . Faye

Hi Faye, the instructions to get your HoloPort setup and running Elemental Chat are in the https://forum.holo.host/. If you haven’t registered yet, please nudge Mark at help@holo.host with the email you used to buy your HoloPort and he’ll forward you an invite to join. You’ll find the instructions on the upper grey banner as you log in. Please tag me in the instruction thread shall you have any doubts. My user name there is the same as in here.
Warm wishes

Hi Lucas,
Thank you for the response. I believe my holoport was successfully registered on the 20th January 2020 when I received this email -

“Welcome to the world of distributed computing!!
Your email has been verified and your HoloPort or Holo hosting device is registering itself at https://.holohost.net.
Click the link in a few minutes to start hosting Holochain hApps.”

However, when I click the link above I get an error message

"This site can’t be reached.
The connection was reset.

  • Checking the connection
  • Checking the proxy and the firewall"

btw when I try to login to

and try to reset my password I get the message “No account matches faye.adams@me.com.”

So really not sure what is going on.

Can you assist?

Warm regards . . . Faye

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@Faye2050 let’s hold this conversation on the Holo Forum? I’ve edited the previous message as not to expose your HoloPort address publicly.
Warm wishes

Thank you, Lucas. Btw I cannot register for Holo Forum. It will not let me in. As per above message… cheers.

Sorry @Faye2050 I missed the lower part of your message. Please ping Mark at help@holo.host with the email you bought your HoloPort with and he’ll send you an invite to the Holo Forum.

Will do. Thank you Lucas.

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