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Holo-REA deep dive with Sensoricans: Dec 3rd 11pm UTC

Hi everyone!

Next week I’ll be hosting an online gathering with some folks from the Open Climate Collabathon who have been part of Sensorica’s collaboration network.

We will be talking through specifics of Holo-REA and reflecting on its lineage in Sensorica’s NRP. The agenda is pretty open- anybody interested in these topics, REA accounting or ValueFlows is invited to join and bring their questions.

When: Dec 3rd 1pm PST / 4pm EST; Dec 4th 7am AEST / 8am AEDT / 5am SGT

Where: Online. Register in advance for this meeting:

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

For background context here are talks from the event given by @lynnfoster, @TiberiusB, Michel Bawens and myself which explore the high-level theory of change surrounding these works in addition to some of the project particulars. You can skip to 38:57 for the section specifically on Holo-REA.


Thanks for setting this up Pospi.
Unfortunatly I cannot make it for the third at the set hour (6pm EST in my case). Can this be moved 2 hours before?
Also, Tuesday and Wedbesday I can do it anytime.

I would really like to get involved thought

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Rescheduling this to fit in @TiberiusB and a few others- those who have already registered should have received an update, otherwise please note the new time of-

Dec 3rd 1pm PST / 4pm EST; Dec 4th 7am AEST / 8am AEDT / 5am SGT

Looking forward to seeing you all there! :slight_smile:

Thank you @pospi for doing this. Excited to be part of this conversation on ValueFlow.

I was not aware of ValueFlow framework, but instead have been working with “Informating” as described by Soshana Zuboff.

Informating is the process that translates descriptions and measurements of activities, events and objects into Information. By doing so, these activities become visible to the organization. Informating has both an empowering and oppressing influence. On the one hand, as information processes become more powerful, the access to information is pushed to ever lower levels of the Organization.

@polyannie01 @kerrgreg @spirit

Nice, might actually be able to make that :slight_smile:

Thankyou to all those who attended! It was a great opportunity to reflect on the past lineage of this software and explore some future possibilities :slight_smile:

For the chat transcript and links shared during the call, see the recording on Zoom.


Hi all,

Sorry for not being able to attend the meeting, even after moving it for me. Thanks @pospi for trying to accommodate.

I am watching the video recording and I would like to be able to react to it, right there in context, using comments. But comments are turned off. Is there a reason or just forgot to press a button?

If it is not possible to turn comments ON I’ll comment here.

Ah! There you go @TiberiusB, comments are open. Though I suspect the audience you’re intending to address might dictate the best place to post :wink:

(FWIW it turns out that when YouTube asks if you’re “made for kids”, they mean specifically made for kids rather than family-friendly…)