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Holo-REA code architecture deep dive (Thu 20th Feb 7am UTC)

Hello friends, collaborators and community members!

Next coming Thursday (late Wednesday night US time) I will be hosting a code deep dive and Q&A on the Holo-REA resource coordination framework.

The call will be held for a pacific/EU audience at Feb 20 7am UTC / 6pm AEDT / 5pm AEST / 4pm JST / 3pm AEWT / 8am CET / 7am WET (night-owls from the USA welcome). An invite link can be found on the public Holochain community calendar— please click here to access the meeting invite.

We’re seeking the attendance of experienced Rust developers, as well as Holochain core & hApp developers who are experimenting with complex architectural patterns and seeking to push the envelope of what is possible for highly modular & extensible app frameworks.

One of our goals for the Holo-REA project is to make experimenting with distributed coordination technologies as accessible as possible. The broader context of this call will discuss the role that modularisation of zome code plays in working toward this goal, and the successes & shortcomings of the current tech stack in providing an accessible environment. We will discuss how non-technical users can innovate with complex social architectures by plugging together general-purpose DNA modules in various arrangements.

We are also hoping to have a few people on the call who are new to Holochain but experienced in developing with other distributed systems (eg. blockchains & gossip protocols), so the hope is that we can have some very deep technical discussions that explore Holochain’s particular architectural patterns and design decisions in relation to other systems.

We estimate there will be 60-90 minutes of content to cover but have allocated 2 hours for the call so that there is plenty of time for questions after the planned deep dive. The current plan is to explore the system from the UI downwards, and then to loop back and reflect on the current state of affairs and explore how we can streamline complex Holochain app development processes for new contributors. We will discuss:

  • UI frameworks, tooling & ease-of-use vs developer safety
  • GraphQL, its benefits and its role in distributed systems
  • How to write really nice integration tests for your Holochain apps (and why this is good even though integration tests are a scam)
  • Zomes vs. DNAs and best-practises for app composition
  • Zome API patterns: inter and intra-DNA record architectures
  • Storage abstractions, best-practises and principles for addressing data in distributed systems
  • Transactionality and consistency guarantees
  • The guts of Rust and low-level code optimisations & type guarantees
  • Common gotchas in hApp development
  • Aims & desires for mixin zomes & library functionality
  • Possibilities for declarative hApp generation and “compile-time development meta-frameworks”
  • Various comparisons between Holochain app development, design concerns and those of blockchain & other distributed systems

There will also be some time to discuss integration of Holo-REA into other projects and code examples showing how this may be achieved, though the focus of the call is on technical architecture and so most of this will be covered in the context of “best practises for app composition”.

We hope to see as many developers as possible on this call, but for those who can’t be present to ask questions in person we will be recording the call and posting online shortly afterwards.

Looking forward to seeing you all then! :sparkles:

I think this means 12am CST (midnight). Although I don’t know anyone but me and Bob in CST, so nobody probably cares… :slight_smile:

I am in EST but with coffee anything is possible.

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My bad! Should have been 12am (;

Love to join this call, but 1am EST on a week night is tough for me. Thank you for recording and sharing the video!

hey @pospi . It sounds great!. I’ve booked it in.

I’ll try to attend! Very interested to learn more from a complex modular real world framework built on HC.

Looks like I won’t be able to make it but looking forward to the recording! :movie_camera:

Bad news! I woke up today with a bad gastro bug, so we’ll have to reschedule this for another week.

Many apologies for the inconvenience to all those who have scheduled the time. Watch this space for a new date and time coming soon!

Ah, get well soon. Clicked the link and it is offering 18-Feb, look forward to it.

@mikeg I had to pick a date in order to keep folks who signed up – Feb 18th is not necessarily re-scheduled date! We will post it here when we decide!

No worries, thanks

New time has been finalised! Please see the new details in the original post (:

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Looking forward to the video! Thanks.

Amazing, very keen.

Recording is online… enjoy! (:


Thanks pospi, all set to watch live and something came up, will watch the recording. I built holo-rea (mainly at this point for more GraphQL examples and your explorer).

@mikeg glad it was easy to spin up. If you want a more complete schema to play with, I recommend installing https://github.com/valueflows/vf-graphql/ and running the internal development server- it gives you back mock data, but you can work with record types that haven’t been implemented in Holo-REA yet.