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Holo GNU

Team Size: 1

Description: compiling a basic GNU system on holochain in order to provide a dependency platform to in turn distribute based software or tasks

Resources: the systems that could be used are either Gentoo or Redox-OS, the later have a facility of being written on Rust, the Linux From Scratch documentation could also provide additional resource but is not strictly required; some possible resources are SWIG and Rust transpilers. Also either musl or relibc seems good libc packages for reduced overhead. Projects on Redox OS

Similar app or site: Elastos

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I am at…:

Proof of concept : I dont know yet how possible it will be to scale the system since it will be needed to compile programs built on other languages to run on the hApp. Even though C and C++ can be compiled to WASM; on the last case transpilers can be used, though performance and stability may be prejudiced


  • Holochain knowledge: started recently on holochain
  • Front-End: Django(3), GTK(3), QT(3)
  • Back-End: Rust(3), C(5), C++(5), shell script(4), Python(3)
  • UI/UX: CSS(3), Javascript(3), HTML(3) , GTK(3), QT(3)

Commitment: 24 hours a week

What do I need: technical details on porting non Rust code, integrating existent WASM code, testing, maybe dependency management and some discussion on collaborative platform

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