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Hemp for the Future is pushing out a movement on regenerative economics using Natural Capital Accounting. We have built a large network of thought leaders in these principals.

Description of Natural Capital Accounting:

We are putting out a campaigns to our partners projects.

NCA Network
Earthpulse.io - Transactions into Actions - Forest Protection
Earthdollar.org - The living Economy
Route2.com - NCA studies
Regen.network - Regenerative Agriculture
Joinseeds.com - Conscious Currency
Run2play.com - Fitness rewards for the world
Worldviewimpact.org - Planting 9m mangrove trees in Myanmar

If you want to be involved with our regenerative media movement we are looking for content creators, influencers, data managers and contributors.

One of the campaigns will show how planting mangrove trees provide value from the carbon sequestered, biodiversity created, water purified, storm surge protection. Each tree that gets planted will be recorded via our app and both the planter and contributors will receive a coin that represents that tree/forest and will be issued rewards over the course of the trees life.

Feel free to reach out with any questions, we are committed to making this movement happen and to create a currency that represents our values and is backed by improving our home.


Articles/Podcasts -


Speaking Engagements:


Hello @ScutterJr and welcome to the community! I imagine you’ll find some like-spirited people here on the forum – natural capital accounting is right in line with the living systems model of wealth that the creators of Holochain are interested in.


Hi Paul,

Thanks for the warm welcome and notes.
Could you make any introductions you feel relative please.



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I don’t know about any forum participants who are working specifically on the in-the-dirt side of regenerative agriculture and ecological restoration, but there are people who are working on the digital side of things: @lynnfoster @bhaugen @pospi are working on HoloREA, a Holochain-based toolbox for building open economic networks. Their main purpose for building this is to support the kinds of open resource accounting that support the endeavours you’re talking about.


Thanks Paul,

I will reach out today.


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Hello @ScutterJr. And thanks @pauldaoust for the mention. Natural Capital Accounting sounds right up our alley in Holo-REA. Our model will support any kind of resource flow accounting, including that related to the ecosystem. I’m also personally interested in that angle, and think we ignore that at our peril.

Some links:
https://github.com/holo-rea/ where the Holo-REA project lives
https://valueflo.ws/ the ValueFlows/REA vocabulary and model used in Holo-REA
http://locecon.org/ a very old and very alpha software that might provide some relevant visuals, and uses the base REA model at an analytical level, here’s one specific http://locecon.org/nova-story/

Let us know if or how you think we should get better acquainted…


I’m free for a call whenever


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Watch on #Periscope: Holochain Forum: Hemp for the Future topic. #holohemp #NCA #holochain #holo


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NCA information

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