Help with hello world tutorial :)

The first error that I received was using the code from the tutorial, as soon as I had changed the entry to public, when it was private before, was the same as this
Undefined signal_type error while running tests
but I was able to fix this by following the directions there and updating to tryorama from try-o-rama and changing all references to @holochain/try-o-rama to @holochain/tryorama
my hc test now gives me

error for Test hello holo tapeExecutor middleware requires scenario functions to take 2 arguments, please check your scenario definitions.

I have removed all scenario testing and only have this and it still gives me the same error

orchestrator.registerScenario(‘Test hello holo’, async(s, t) => { })

Any info or help anyone could share would be greatly appreciated…

@kalisam could you post the entire source of your test file? I’ve seen that error message before, but that line looks right to me…

Thanks, here you go…

const path = require(‘path’)
const tape = require(‘tape’)

const { Orchestrator,
} = require(’@holochain/tryorama’);

process.on(‘unhandledRejection’, error => {
// Will print “unhandledRejection err is not defined”
console.error(‘got unhandledRejection:’, error);

const dnaPath = path.join(__dirname, “…/dist/cc_tuts.dna.json”)

const orchestrator = new Orchestrator({
middleware: combine(

globalConfig: {
logger: false,
network: {
type: ‘sim2h’,
sim2h_url: ‘wss://localhost:9000’,

const config = {
instances: {
cc_tuts: Config.dna(dnaPath, ‘cc_tuts’),
orchestrator.registerScenario(‘Test hello holo’, async(s, t) => {


Well I’m baffled. It all looks good to me on a quick read-through. I’m just about to embark on the tutorials myself (just waiting for the newest ‘blessed’ Holochain release, 0.0.42, along with the documentation that goes along with it — they both should be out soon!) I’m hoping I can hit the same problem, but if not, maybe that’ll mean it’s been fixed!

This error went away, after I redid the tutorials, which were updated to use tryorama instead of try-o-rama, and other small changes.


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Hi @kalisam Yep this was an issue where tryorama was updated then I had to quickly update the tutorials to match this change. It should be all working now.

For anyone else running into this issue check the “Check your code” here for an example of the new way to setup tests.

All the tutorials have been updated to reflect this aswell.