Help wanted: Holochain for the People project

I’d like to put some of my HOT on the line for the creation of a reward fund directed at a team of willing Holochain developers able to help me create some step by step documentation (text, audio and/or video) for non-coding individuals (like me) to gain fluency in Holochain technology.

The aim is to document two distinct projects:

  1. The step by step setup of two Holochain nodes on some home pc (one x64, one Arm)
  2. The step by step creation of a simple but (hopefully) useful new hApp

You can help the Holochain for the People project (hPeople?) in at least three ways:

  1. Join the project as one of the code leaders
  2. Become a benefactor contributing more HOT to the reward fund
  3. Help me document the whole process

I do want the Holochain project to succeed, and this is something I can do to contribute. Am I misguided (again)? Could this benefit the Holochain project? Is the project mature enough for this to be useful for more than the next few months? Is there anyone in the company willing to act as a tutor to the project? Please help, and/or comment.