[Help] I have this idea of using Holochain during Digital forensics investigation in IoT environments

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I have this idea about using holochain framework as a solution to maintain data integrity , privacy and non-repudiation during a digital forensic investigation within an IoT environment , Is there any one here have an advice for me , i’m just a student in a master’s degree trying to come up with a new idea while i’m doing my end of study project in DIgital forensics in IoT Environments focusing about the integrity of collected evidences during the investigation Process .

I’d really appreciate your opinion Guys

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Hi Mouad, yes, this is a valid use case. My company RedGrid is in the energy space and utility companies are telling us an immutable set of records is a winner. This is what we are providing for the Australian Monash University NetZero project… a ledger for each IoT node in the system.

We don’t do a lot of company updates here, although you will find us on Telegram, Twitter, etc. and our website is trying to keep up. Let me know if you would like more info, cheers

Hi Mike , Thank you for your response i really appreciate it , you mentioned the idea of using a ledger for each IoT node in the System , I’ve got question , isn’t difficult to rely on this solution due to the limited resources of IoT nodes ?

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You would think so, but IoT comes in a few sizes. The ones on this project have 30GB storage. On another front we have devices 30kB RAM for data and a few Meg for code space. Different strategies.

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Do you have architect design that illustrate how are you going to use Holochain in IOT systems?

The common solutions that I have seen in using Holochain in IOT are mostly in the Fog/Edge computing layers.

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Yes You’re right , that’s the common solution but it can be used only in preserving the data integrity of the Logs generated by IoT Devices . which is not what i’m trying to do , my idea is about building an hApp which will be used by the Forensic Team in order to Upload the collected evidences from the Crime Scene , preserve the integrity of these evidences so they will be admissible in the court of law . but i’m wondering if this case is valid because i’v read once that is not recommended to use Holochain when it comes to Private and Secret data because we all know how important these Evidences are .

Any Opinion about This Sir ?

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