Hello everyone!

Hello community. Welcome to the Sacred Capital sub-forum. Over the next few months we’ll be putting together resources and conversations for two aspects of what we’re building:

  1. The Reputation Interchange (protocol that enables users to port reputation contextually across apps)
  2. Conversations/Hackathons/Collaborative intelligence on design sessions for Reputation.
    If you’d like to participate, stay tuned to subsequent threads here.

Definitely will love to! :sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart::grin:

Hi Sid!
In anticipation of the Reputation Interchange being available on Holochain, I was wondering what the best platform/app/method you can currently recommend for someone to “issue” (or track, etc…) an individuals’ and groups’ reputation? Perhaps as an Ethereum-based NFT, or what?
Cheers, James

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Hey @prosidual - great to hear from you again.
One of the reasons agent-centric environments work so well with reputation is that scores/badges/ratings get calculated locally at each agent’s end. This is powerful, because each everyone doesn’t have to view the same monolithic score but can view it as per their context. So, to answer your question, I’d say NFT’s don’t really make sense because you have to issue scores that are applied universally to everyone. (Sharing etc may be interim solutions, but it’s not worth the effort in my opinion)

We haven’t publicly announced this yet, but we’ve begun a collaboration with Value Flows and HoloREA. We’ve been working together with a couple early stage projects, so if you’re keen on getting rolling, let’s talk - we can start designing for agent-centric environments right away.


Sounds great!
Could you perhaps describe your design process?
At this stage, I’m essentially looking for the best sort-of-functional “platform” for specifically tracking an individual participants’ contribution/reputation to a project (and perhaps, by extension) the “meta-reputation” of the project as a whole (as in a “brand reputation”).

I have been researching DAO’s in general to accomplish this (in advance of and in the hopes that, the data (reputation/contribution etc…) could be migrated later into a Holochain-based SAC or hApp or whatever.

Have you any specific thoughts on this?

So far, it’s been organic, and with entrepreneurs who want to implement some of the REA modules that are ready. This then serves as reputation data, which builds libraries of reputation primitives. We’re just chatting about giving some structure to the design process because we think it might be time. (Looping in @pospi from HoloREA)

I think the migration from DAOs/Blockchain based platforms to hApps is not easy, especially for reputation based stuff. You end up with completely different rep designs - basically reputation scores that function like cryptocurrencies, which is not ideal.

If you’re up to exploring something, let’s chat.


So, for the time being, if you’re willing Sid, I’ll consider this thread here as our exploratory “chat”…

I’m wondering what it is that you yourself (as in the organisation of Sacred Capital) are currently using to “keep track of” all the stakeholders’ contributions/reputations? (In lieu of, presumably, an actual hApp). A simple spreadsheet, or something more sophisticated?

Good question. And we’ve been through a roller-coaster ride ourselves on this one.

We haven’t publicly announced this yet, but we’ve been exploring a collaboration with the ValueFlows/HoloREA team to build a bunch of economic toolkits together. We’re considering tracking contributions on the Co-makery platform, which should eventually move to HoloREA/Sacred Capital modules itself, making life easier for everyone.

I’d recommend reaching out to Noah Thorpe who runs Co-makery.