Hello All! Michael Walsh Founder of GlobalCitizen.One

Please see my profile at: www.LinkedIn.com/in/GlobalCitizenOne
for extensive details on the core concepts for GlobalCitizen.One

GlobalCitizen (GC)

I have 10 years of GC business model development, I am a Global Citizenship scholar,
philosopher, advocate and practitioner. I was the original owner of GlobalCitizen.com
and transferred the domain to GlobalCitizen. org in NYC within a consulting contract.

Please visit: GlobalCitizen. org  (goal is to partner with them in the future)

Looking to collaborate with developers to build a secure identity, private data,
and agent-centric Citizen Voice Social Network. Once built (with a very advanced
dashboard for interactive gamification) the core value adds accrue as we add services
to the ecosystem, exclusive to the Citizen Members on the Holochain GC Network.

Many dynamic and unprecedented business models to add as the services begin to interact and are tied to banking and investment resources. At the onset for launch we would have our own ecommerce store GC.Market-- for sustainable products & unique services, tied to a reward system operated in a joint venture with a (100M member) established online only sustainable bank. At the right time, creating a GC.Cash Crypto token is an open possibility.


Please contact me via email or phone:

I am based in La Jolla CA-- and may be relocating to Switzerland in 2020
Following discussion, I can send you GC EXEC SUMMARY, PITCH DECK & PREZIS


Are you familiar with the Greek philosopher Diogenes? He coined the term “global citizen” and also practiced “radical transparency” as a method of liberation. Great to meet you!


Hi there Kerr-
Sorry for late reply.
Absolutely- you nailed it.
GlobalCitizen.One is all about radical transparency and the GC philosophy.
Get in touch please via my email or call-

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hi Michael and Kerr,
I didn’t know about Diogenes and radical transparency but ilooked this up and I am familiar with him now.
thank you and sorry for the late response.
Great to meet you too!

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@kerrgreg I din’t know Diogenes before this?

I liked this quote:

In a rich man’s house there is no place to spit but his face.

Though here Michael seems to be asking for where to find Holochain Developers!!! Seems like they are trying to build something cool for GC.

Michael is @GlobalCitizen still looking for developers? There is DevCamp coming up organized by Nastasia and others.