Hdk::utils::get_as_type returns random entries

Using holochain.love (0.0.42-alpha5):
1: Agent 1 creates a text.
2: Agent 2 fetches said text using function below.

pub fn get_text(text_address: Address) -> ZomeApiResult<Text> {

Result: random entries are returned. Or rather, random versions of the entry specified with text_address.

Here is a video:


ps. Calling function from Agent 1 works fine.
pps. Running hc test using two agents works fine

Seems like some kind of glitch.

Glitch no more.

Restarted everything and now the two agents seem two communicate like they should.

Nah. Now it’s happening again. :slight_smile: I guess it is the kind of glitch we should expect with alpha software.

@pauldaoust @thedavidmeister @freesig – is this a known thing or should a post an issue on GitHub?

@kristofer github would be good but also i can see it here :slight_smile:

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@kristofer any chance you could put a failing test up against core as a PR?

I haven’t been able to reproduce running tests against my own DNA unfortunately. Everything works when running hc test. Error appears when running holochain with a proper config and UI. Am a bit short on time just now but hope to find more time soon to look into this. Cheers.

@kristofer that’s so weird, are you running your tests against a conductor with a sim2h setup configured?