Hc error with lair-keystore

I started getting this error when trying to start hc:

" Replacing C:\Users\david.cargo\bin\lair-keystore.exe
Replaced package lair_keystore v0.0.11 with lair_keystore v0.0.9 (executable lair-keystore.exe)
payload: Any { … },
message: Some(
Could not initialize Conductor from configuration: StateQueryError(SerializedBytesError(Deserialize("missing field zomes"))),
location: Location {
file: “crates\holochain\src/bin/holochain/main.rs”,
line: 250,
col: 10,
←[0m←[31mWell, this is embarrassing.

holochain had a problem and crashed. To help us diagnose the problem you can send us a crash report.

We have generated a report file at “C:\Users\david\AppData\Local\Temp\report-f0dd21d4-f5f5-46f9-a5ad-9c81aebd7fb0.toml”. Submit an issue or email with the subject of “holochain Crash Report” and include the report as an attachment.

We take privacy seriously, and do not perform any automated error collection. In order to improve the software, we rely on people to submit reports.

Thank you kindly!"

Any ideas? Thanks :slight_smile:

did you get it figured out?

No not yet, any ideas? :slight_smile: Thanks.