Has covid-19 killed globalisation? Holochain Community Perspective


Hi All,

Several months have passed since the new version of corona virus, and our lives have changed a lot. We’ve all had enough time to think about this more calmly and away from the initial shock.

After reading this article from Economist-Has covid-19 killed globalisation?- I was wondering what are the perspectives of our community about covid-19 in different aspects.

Please share your thoughts, specially if you think this crisis can help us(So how? and what can we do?).


this article requires a subscription to read so i didn’t read it

however the basic gist i think is that covid-19 is showing the flaws of all aspects of our society that were breaking or already broken

any sensible person would realize that there is no rational reason (no matter how cheap the labor was) that shipping something tens of thousands of miles across an ocean and then perhaps on an airplane or truck eventually to a consumer… couldn’t possibly be cheaper!

that’s lunacy

it’s only because of twisted financial and economic game-playing that it was made to appear cheaper in the short term mostly at the expense of the 99% for the gain of the 1%

there are many reasons why more localized manufacturing is better — it’s just the sickness of this world which required covid-19 to show us that

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I just have an account without any subscription and I could read the full article.

interesting — i couldn’t — it said i had to sign up for a subscription — perhaps it’s my adblocker

@spirit <------- 100% with u on the totally unnecessary expenses which stem from social organisms fighting for food (money) and not caring about the individuals, even though we as people want better for each other. In my head it the current ‘money-centric’ world will eventually lead to catastrophe if society doesn’t adopt technologies like Holochain .

I see Covid-19 as a plus if you look at it from ‘whats best for Holochain’ perspective. My opinion is that people all want better for each other and realize the ‘fallacies’ of the current system while trying to fix them without success. Failure comes from not having the right tools to ‘orchestrate’ quick changes appropriately. And because of the ‘money’ fight mentioned in the previous paragraph.

More and more economies will be localized, because that will better fit everyone. The hierarchical structures of the current world are doomed.

FINAL THOUGHT: In the next 2 years, hApps built on Holochain (and their concepts of thinking) will introduce a new way of organizing which (i think and hope) people will immensely prefer over the current ‘structures’ that take the value we produce for nothing. I’m from Slovenia and most of the people here all realize the problems of the current system and I believe once hApps start rolling out, its go time :slight_smile:


Read it in full for free here: http://archive.is/voJrg

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