Hardware specs for Holochain dev tools: RAM etc

Hi. The getting started page says that using Linux/Mac one would need 16GB, whereas a Windows machine would work with only 8GB. That’s surprising, I would have expected the opposite.

I was about to buy a (Chromebook) laptop with 8GB on which I could install Linux, then the Holochain dev tools. Will that not work at all? Or is the 16GB requirement for more advanced work?

(I am not a professional developer, but I do have some coding experience. I would like to buy my new laptop soon so I can install everything before going to the Prague hackathon!)

I have installed Holochain on both Windows (w/8GB) and Mac. 16GB is recommended across-the-board for development and continued app development, though things will still work if you have a laptop with 8GB. Again, if you are looking to develop Holochain applications, consider a machine with 16GB. @sachaweb

FYI, the Quick Start Page will be updated this week to include 16GB for all machines (for app development).

Okay thanks a lot @dhtnetwork for the quick reply.

I think I should find a 8GB RAM machine that has a spare slot for extra RAM if needed.

I don’t know how complex my coding will get - probably not stratospheric! - but if the RAM gets saturated I will still have the option to add another 8GB.

That is a fine approach you. You can determine based what you will be building.

NB: We really hope we can bring the requirements down in the near future — so far we’ve just been focusing mostly on functionality, with just a side helping of optimisation.

@sachaweb FYI the Quick Start page has been updated. Share your feedback!

Yes indeed, and some changes helped me overcome a disk space error when using nix-env. (I have a post on that under a ‘getting started’ thread.)

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