hApps spotlight: Neighbourhoods

Neighbourhoods is an answer to the question “who controls my social feed in web3?”

Their social sensemaking tools allow groups to customize how reactions such as likes, upvotes, and content moderation flags are weighted and used to control the display of users’ feeds or other contexts like the front page of a site — whether its filled with posts, songs, poll proposals, or any other digital resource appropriate to that group. Rather than a blackboxed algorithm and corporate content moderators, communities get to set their own rules, fit to purpose. By customizing generic tools to their specific culture, a community can develop their own unique social space (or neighboorhood). Neighbourhoods is also developing methods to transfer data and reputation between communities, helping them translate meaning between cultures.  

Read Article: https://blog.holochain.org/happs-spotlight-neighbourhoods/

Thanks for sharing this here! Discussion welcome. :grinning:

I have and continue to be big on Holo. However, Watch out! Be aware!

Neighborhoods can also bring people together for wrong exclusionary reasons. Sugar-coating with smooth fancy words and clever double-speak changes nothing: “. . . set own rules, fit to purpose”, “customizing tools to their specific culture”, “a community can develop their own unique social space”. And this is an improvement!

Next Door is existing proof of this: the moderators are living proof of overboard biases.

Neighborhoods may well become an inexpensive worldwide social credit system that will make the Chinese government blush with envy.

One solution may be to create a neighborhoods group to expose and combat this - in plain language.