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Happ idea: Something something for Covid Vaccine Victims

This is just a spontaneous dump of thoughts.

Where is the idea coming from:
A good friend of mine suffers from health issues, that are plausibly related to her getting vaccinated against covid. Furthermore, her period got completely disturbed. Just from asking within friend circles, apparently many (esp. women) had some issues. Whereas the official statement is, that the vaccine is safe and therefore these symptoms can’t be related to it. However, almost all of these cases are not reported and it seems to be even hard to find a platform for the affected to at least voice their stories and talk to each other.
Then I watched the (long) video of Bret Weinstein interviewing Robert Malone and Steve Kirsch, which I can highly recommend. The situation looks quite concerning. But it explains why especially women are affected (seems like the spike proteins do not stick in the shoulder, as they should, but are carried through the body mostly ending up in the ovaries and having a toxic effect). Apparently facebook groups where exactly these people share, are shut down. And I was like, is not this a problem where all the unenclosable carrier thing is super valuable?

So I was wondering:

  1. How would a (h)app that helps here, would look like?
  2. How long would it take to build it on holochain one or reuse something in existence, given the current status of holochain?

There are three purposes of the happ, that immediately come to my mind:
a) enable victims to talk to each other
b) enable doctors to get an overview over the “side effects”
c) serve as a self-reporting tool, accessible to public health agencies and the pharma companies that produced the vaccines.

PS: please don’t let this turn into a anti-vaxxer discussion. Thats not the point. Also the people in the interview that i recommend are clearly pro vaccines in general. But for this particular one there… seems to be an information problem, at least.
PPS: I am also not recommending the information in the video to digest nonreflectively as pure truth. The information ecology is a mess around politically charged topics.
PPPS: Apparently in Germany there is an app for c) but the results are kept secret. Which makes the case for unenclosable carriers


hey Marvin

your idea of helping people to collectively make sense of undiscovered conditions by sharing symptoms on a platform reminded me of the project discussed in this ecosystem video: Ecosystem Session with Health Commons Connect - YouTube

i’m not sure whether any of the guests in that video, namely Kathryn Alexander at Health Commons Connect, Stephen Alexander, and Belinda Noakes, are active on this forum. if not, you could probably get in touch with them directly via their website which is linked in the video description.

this is by no means meant to discourage discussion of this topic in this forum thread, but may be a complementary step for your idea to come to fruition.



Hi Marvin,

I don’t know where you are based. In the US there’s the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), where you can report adverse reactions to the corona vaccines VAERS | Vaccine Safety | CDC.

There have been more than 600.000 cases of adverse effects from corona vaccines reported only in the US https://www.medalerts.org/vaersdb/findfield.php?TABLE=ON&GROUP1=CAT&EVENTS=ON&VAX=COVID19
It’s not a rare event what your friend experiences.

However, VAERS and other reporting systems suffer from underreporting. In Germany for example only medical staff can report and it’s filtered by the local public health offices. So a neutral tool based on Holochain would be helpful in that sense. Often it is a matter of people finding out where to connect to other affected persons, and that’s something you’d have to solve for a hApp as well.


I’m not a Holochain expert, but this is what I understand about your requirements and how holochain can be used in it, someone correct me if i’m wrong.

a) enable victims to talk to each other

There are a few building solutions already for sending messages with holochain, like elemental-chat and Kizuna (public chat room), Junto (invitation based chat room). Similar practices can also be applied in your case. I guess the tough part is how to identify victim. Another thing needs to point out is holochain is still not production-ready (from what I learned), like performance issue (sharding is a wip).

b) enable doctors to get an overview over the “side effects”

In happ, you can store the reported side effects which is linked by a string, then doctor who knows the string can query the reports by following the link. The query can also be made as a priviledged call. But the data in a DHT which is like the database of happ is not encrypted by default, if the report includes sensitive information, you better encrypt it first.

c) serve as a self-reporting tool, accessible to public health agencies and the pharma companies that produced the vaccines.

This is similar to b.

The potential problems that holochain may not able to solve now or can only be solved with holo hosting network,

  • your user must use a desktop app, as conductor for phones is not ready yet, web app can only work when holo hosting is ready.
  • may include a lot of effort to maintain the nodes/agents that running your happ, as one agent goes offline the network needs to make some changes.

BTW, thank your for pointing out this covid vaccine side effect discussion.